Privacy policy

In Ex-EngineertingInc (following we), We observe laws and ordinances about the personal information and other models and make all possible measures for protection of the important personal information of the visitor.

About collection of personal Information

In us, We may collect personal information as far as it is necessary for the following case.

  • At the time of the inquiry to us
  • At the time of a service application to us

About a use purpose of the personal information

We use the personal information that we collected from a visitor for the purpose of next.

  • For the communication to a visitor
  • For the answer to inquiry from a visitor
  • For the service offer to a visitor

About the offer to a third party of the personal information

The personal information that acquired than a visitor in us to a third party there cannot be disclosure or the thing contributing it.

But, in the case of next, it is excluded.

  • When there is the agreement of the person
  • In the case of the request from the public office including the request from the police
  • When We receive the application of the law

About disclosure, a correction of the personal information

When there are requests such as disclosure, a correction, the deletion of the self-information from a visitor, we accept it surely.

Reference about the personal information protection

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